Blue Breeze Band performed at my wedding in September 2019 and it was the single greatest wedding band I have ever experienced. You may say I am biased because it was my own wedding but you should know that I first heard BBB perform at a completely different wedding in 2017 and their performance that night was equally incredible. Not to mention the dozens of people that have approached me in the months since my wedding and commented on our band’s spectacular and memorable performance. This band is extremely professional in their communication and handling of logistics leading up to the event. Harold (the band manager) was a very easy and enjoyable person to work with. The band had 9 members. Their performance energy combined with remarkable instrumental and vocal talent makes this band truly stand out. For the price, I believe this band to be the best bang for the buck in
California. If you are considering BBB for your wedding or other event, don’t think any longer and book them immediately upon reading this review. FYI BBB performs motown, blues and funk style music. Some of their members even performed with the
Temptations back in the day.