I am a wedding planner in Santa Barbara, CA and had the honor of first working with the Blue Breeze Band on a high-profile wedding which involved the Secret Service. I work with amazing bands, but this one impressed me beyond belief. I feel they represent a talent and professional standard that is non-existent today. The manager is easy to work with; their contract and policies are clear (and believe me, they are worth all of the items they require in their contract – – they help them deliver that quality for which you will be so grateful you invested in), their equipment top- notch. But above all, they are highly professional and deliver far more than what you pay for. It is rare to see this kind of talent. They are each musicians and know how to entertain – to put on a full show. I’ve been to several of their performances and they never let down. People never leave the dance floor and even when guests have to take a break from dancing, they can’t take their eyes off the band because each member is always entertaining. How they work together, how they each shine, and how they complement each other…. there is a “tightness” you just don’t see in today’s entertainment. This is one investment vou will be alad you made when you need to impress and need guests to have a great time they will never forget. This band hardly ever takes break. Most bands are always about multiple breaks (and I understand they work hard and are deserved), but this band hardly ever breaks, and when they do, it is brief and they are back on quickly. Again, the give quests more than their money’s worth. I cannot sav enough wonderful things about them – they are the whole package – incredible talent, charisma, professionalism and offer phenomenal value. An investment you will not ever rearet when vou really need to entertain, impress, and create a non-stop high, upbeat vibe.