Hi everyone! We hired the Blue Breeze Band after desperately searching for a non-cheesy group to play at our wedding. We wanted a band that would have its own style it excelled at (not one that would play everything from Van Morrison to Journey to Bon Jovi to Beyonce, though we love all those guys) and were searching in the Motown/R&B/Soul genre which we love. We came across the BBB and one review in particular, from a groom whose sole wedding-related duty was to find the
band – and after too many whiskeys and renditions of Wonderful Tonight he happened to find these guys. He said to “do yourself a solid” and hire the BBB, so we did! Just read these guys’ bios on their website. Impressive! They have lots of clips too, but I have to say they sound even better in person. Perfect in fact. They even learned Cee Lo’s “Forget” You for our wedding and even that, not part of their standard repertoire, was perfect. We had so much fun. They could really read the crowd and play the right thing for getting people going. Our guests were out there on the dance floor all night, even people we never would’ve expected to dance! At the end of the night they got literally every last person on the floor for “Shout” which is my husband’s favorite song for a wedding:)

As far as the business side of things goes, it was easy to communicate with Harold Wherry, the band leader, and he proactively asked lots of questions to make sure we were prepared and that everything would go smoothly on the day. Which it did. The band’s fees are also very reasonable compared to other wedding bands, which in my opinion aren’t nearly as talented or as fun.