Thank you for being an essential part of our wedding. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your services at our reception.

We all loved the music from beginning to end, every guest included. You were beyond entertaining, engaging, and absolutely stunned our audience. We have had over a week of reminiscent conversations with our friends and family and your music is what stood out at all times and continues to do so. I, Mario, am especially thankful for you taking the time to learn a new song for the mother and son dance; my mother was shedding tears as this is a very special song for us.

After having had difficult conversations with other bands, we were delighted to have found somebody who was easy to work with and who takes pride in their work.

Please extend our thanks to amazing saxophonist and vocalist Tim, exceptional drummer and vocalist Buster, astounding keyboard and vocalist Rich, excellent bass and vocalist Darryl, and brilliant vocalist Nolan. It is impossible for us to pick our favorite as you guys make a super cohesive, entertaining, and harmonic team!

Thank you Harold and Blue Breeze Band, it was a pleasure to work with you all!